About SpaTrade

I remember my first time in a hot tub. I was in second grade, and my best friend’s family had one on their back deck. What made the experience so memorable was the time of year – it was winter, in Maine.

If you’ve ever been to Maine in the winter you know that it gets cold. Really cold. Think several feet of snow and 10 degrees below zero – Fahrenheit – cold. So sitting in a hot, bubbling pool of water surrounded by snow and ice on their back deck was an experience that has always stuck with me.

I’ve spoken to many people who have similar experiences indelibly fixed in their mind – their first time in a sauna, or whirlpool, or getting a massage, or getting away to a spa for the weekend. Hearing them recount their own brush with relaxation and rejuvenation never gets old.

That’s the inspiration behind SpaTrade.com – a site dedicated to people find the right spa-related places and products to impact their lives for the better.

We hope you find the posts on this site useful, and share in our obsession with spas, saunas, and ways of pampering yourself. And if you have an interesting idea we should cover, please share it.

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