Hot Tubs

hot tub on deckHot tubs come in many varieties, and they all present some exciting health benefits.

If you’ve never been inside one before, then you’re definitely missing out.

It’s a great way to de-stress and achieve relaxation, so it’s well worth taking a dip if you’re feeling tense.

Why Use A Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are often referred to as jacuzzis, but they’re the same thing. Primarily, they serve to help you relax.

How do they manage this? Well, as the name suggests, hot tubs are filled with heated water. Instantly, this is proven to help relax your muscles and get rid of lots of built up tension. In fact, many athletes will spend time in hot tubs as part of their recovery routines, to prevent muscle stiffness.

But, the main lure of a hot tub is hydrotherapy. This involves using water to help treat different conditions – usually related to pain. Here, we see how a hot tub differs from just a warm bath. It stimulates your muscles by using jets of water that are fired from the floor or sides of the tub. The best way to describe it is that it looks like the water is bubbling. Essentially, this provides you with an underwater massage to relax.

You should use a jacuzzi if you’re suffering from chronic pain or muscle stiffness. It’s also very beneficial from anyone who has a lot of built up stress. A few minutes in a hot tub with some hydrotherapy will help sort you out.

What Is A Whirlpool?

If you’ve ever done some research on hot tubs, then you may have come across the term ‘whirlpool’. To keep things simple, this just refers to any hot tub that has a circular water function. In essence, you can change the settings, so the water acts like a whirlpool, helping with hydrotherapy.

Different Types Of Hot Tub

Hot tubs can usually be found in spas or wellness centers, and they might have slightly different features. They should all have massaging jets of water that provide the whirlpool sensation, but some can be more powerful than others. Then, you have different heat capabilities, along with extra features such as soothing lighting and molded seats.

The best thing about hot tubs is that there are lots of home options available to you as well. Plenty of brands make them, but they tend to fall into one of the two categories:

  • Portable hot tubs: often referred to as above ground hot tubs, this option can be moved and placed anywhere you desire. They can sometimes be inflatable as well, though you can purchase them in different materials too. The best inflatable hot tubs are built from quality materials and very durable.
  • In-ground hot tubs: these are seen as customizable hot tubs as they’re built to your specific demands. They tend to be built into the ground – normally in your backyard. They can come with a lot more features as it’s all dependent on your desires!

Custom-built jacuzzis are typically more expensive, but they’re far more sturdy and can have additional features. And whether you have a stock model or a custom tub, pairing it with the best hot tub steps will ensure you can enjoy it safely.

What To Expect In A Hot Tub

Stepping into a hot tub can be an invigorating experience. Preparing to go in is the same as preparing for a dip in a regular pool; get your swimming costume on and step in carefully. Next, you can expect to feel the warmth of the water, before the jets start up. Now, you can sit or stand in the hot tub as the water massages your body and relaxes your muscles. It won’t feel as rigorous as a massage, but you will definitely feel a sense of relaxation as soreness melts away. Many people like to use a bath pillow (we review the best bath pillows here) to make their time in the hot tub more comfortable. For an added relaxing treat, consider using a bath bomb the next time you hop in the hot tub. You can read our review of the best bath bombs for more information.

The Benefits Of A Hot Tub

Hot tubs are proven to have a long list of potential benefits for many people. If you’re thinking about buying one or heading to a spa to try one out, then these are the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Relief from built up stress and tension
  • Relief from muscular and joint pain – proven to help calm the symptoms of arthritis
  • Immense relaxation that lowers your blood pressure
  • Improved sleep when used before bed
  • Improved mood by releasing endorphins that help you feel happy

One of the best things about a jacuzzi is that it’s extremely safe. The water isn’t deep enough to worry about drowning, and all you have to do is sit there for as long as you like! It’s well worth spending some time in a hot tub if you’ve been feeling very stressed or experience chronic pain in your muscles. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel after just half an hour in one of these hydrotherapy tubs.

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